The gallery is in existence since June 2015 and is located in the north of Leipzig. On the Monopol-area in Haferkornstraße, we´ve found an ideal possibility to run a huge showroom, far from Leipzigs hotspots of arts.  The permanent interaction between artists among themselves, craft businesses, that are also located here, the gallery and the institution Monopol, together with cultural producers from all over, provides synergy effects, which have lead to an openness rather than the primary idea of an authors´ gallery.


In so doing, it is our aim to provide maximum autonomy to  the protagonists (the exhibiting artists) without losing track of the responsibility, which comes along with the presentation of art in such a project. As we are working as artists ourselves, we know, what it means if all participants take this requirement serious and then put it into practice, too. It is also concerned with that requirement, that the commercial aspect plays a minor part and that we primarily do not "represent" artists in the proper meaning of the word. Predominantly, we want to host good exhibitions that don´t only facilitate a tense dialogue between the exhibit and the recipient, but virtually make it necessary. In this sense, 'bipolar' also means:  For us, in the first place, exhibitions with two or more artists seem appropriate because of the aspects mentioned above. At this, it seems particularly important to us, not to offer space for arbitrariness, but trying to operate with maximum contentual and formal consistency. This aspect might be expressed in the whole spectrum from coherence to dichotomy, for example in contrasting contrary positions in order to  initiate an individual approach for the spectator.


Additionally we´d like to more and more think outside the box of pure visual arts and integrate all kinds of possible expressions, such as readings, concerts and multimedia-projects into our conception, which explicitly includes the cooperation with other institutions.




Fotos: Kay Brudy, 2015