The latest shows of the recent residents from Brazil, Belgium, Greece, Canada, Sweden, Northern Ireland, USA, UK, Malaysia, China, and South Korea will present recent results after having worked for two months in the residency. This round of artists offers a very special focus on painting, research based work, installation and photography. The works present a diversity of expression around the topics of identity, technique, data aggregation, & nature with performative & activistic approaches. Each position highlights the other, allowing for a range of narratives exploring a deeper dialogue in the broader context of contemporary art.
These exhibitions aim to give a preview for the final presentation, which will take place in May 2017. The show will take place at the new space of PILOTENKUECHE, where all are welcome to attend the celebration of the projects tenth anniversary. Before we present the final result, it is our goal to trigger and develop a dialogue between participants & artists. The goal is to reflect upon individual positions collectives, to discover intersections between a myriad of approaches.
The PILOTENKUECHE Artist Residency is an independant art program open to artists of all nationalities. The work towards the common goal of a final group exhibition leads to intensive dialogue about individual ideas and working practices, binding the artist temporarily into a group, which leads to a longer-term network that exists even after the residency is over.

A list, a group, a pause.
Envisioning the residency as a sentence; a period in which ideas are articulated and developed, COMMA represents a halfway point. A view into a collection of varied practices, from artists midway into their stay in Leipzig.
Paralleling the comma’s function, the exhibition serves as a mechanism by which dissimilar concepts and aesthetics can be grouped into a whole whilst remaining distinct.
The works themselves act as punctuation marks; generating a series of pauses as each is viewed in turn - creating those spaces in which communication can occur and thoughts can be formed.